Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set


Enjoy a traditional Japanese experience at home with our classic Matcha tea set. Containing all the essential tools to prepare authentic Matcha, it is the perfect set to discover the art of Japanese tea ceremony, or to simply enjoy a special moment with tea. 

Gift set includes: 

Premium grade organic Matcha tea 40grams 

Matchawan- ceramic Matcha bowl 

Chasen- bamboo whisk 

Chashaku- bamboo spoon 

Kusenaoshi- Matcha whisk holder


Preparation suggestion: 

Place 2-4 bamboo spoonfuls of Matcha into the Matcha bowl. Heat fresh water to 80C (176F) and add to the bowl. Stir with the bamboo whisk by tracing ‘’W’’ pattern until consistent and a layer of foam forms at the surface. 

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