Lime and Aloe


A light refreshing Sencha green tea, subtly infused with aloe vera and the lemon flavour. This blend is as well an excellent iced tea option. Low in caffeine.

Green Sencha tea (84.8%), lemon slices, lemon balm, Nana mint, sunflowers, lime flavouring (1.8%), flavouring, aloe leaves (0.1%). Contains caffeine. May contain traces of nuts.

Brewing Instructions:
1 teaspoon per cup, brew for 2-3 minutes in water that is about 70°C then pour.

For an iced drink - pour water at 70°C at the ratio 10 g of tea (approx. 7 heaped tsp) to 600 ml of water, allow to infuse for 3 minutes, then strain. Fill 2/3 of a 1 l jug with ice (approx. 400 g). Pour tea over the ice. 

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