Maté Wizard's Flame

This blend with roasted maté has a taste of hot spices and orange.
Roasted maté (68.2%), ginger, flavouring, orange slices, white peppercorns, goji berries (Lycium chinense), red peppercorns, peonies, sandalwood, chillies, thistle flowers, sunflowers. May contain traces of nuts. Contains caffeine.
Brewing Instructions: 
7 teaspoons for 1l of water. First, put some cold water then add more water at the temperature of 80°C, allow to brew for 3 minutes then pour. If you have a calabash gourd, fill it with 10 teaspoons of maté, add cold water, turn it over, and give it a few vigorous shakes while varying rotational movements. All of this is done to ensure that the loose-leaf moves in the right way (bringing smallest particles to the top), thus preventing blockage of the bombilla. Then add more water at the temperature of 80°C. 
Not suitable for children.

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